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Monday, October 30, 2006

Literature's Raw Primitive Scream

Okay so what is Dead Beat saying? All this Elvis nonsense! (see Elvis and Hudson)

Well it just seemed to spring from nowhere - but it's been brewing a while. Hudson you see has been playing the old Sun records, watching vintage Ed Sullivan shows, walking around with a sneer on his lips and swivelling his hips, and it got Old D.B. thinking about the poetry of rock and roll. I mean we've been talking about rhythm (trust me we have), we've been talking beat, that abstract quality that makes a poem or any piece of writing better than great. It involves knowing your craft and then taking risks, pushing it into a corner until it fights back. Every great writer has done his time belting it out on the back of a pick-up with a three piece band. You learn how to work the audience, what makes them scream. And I am talking a raw primitive scream that emerges from somewhere near your nether regions. You can't manipulate a scream such as that - a simple swivel and sneer doesn't cut the mustard - so what gives?

That's the question, folks. The king is dead, why does he live?

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