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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Rewriting - Wipe Your Chin Discreetly

Dead Beat grew up on a staple diet of Kelloggs Cornflakes and Enid Blyton. Now he already knew this, but he had forgotten, and he was reminded today. Enid Blyton wrote 700 books in her lifetime and over 10,000 short stories.

No, Dead Beat did not add in extra zeros by accident.

Barbara Cartland on the other hand slaved over 23 books a year every year.

No, I am not feeling under any pressure, none at all. Besides this is all paltry considering the amount of cornflakes produced in a single day.

It just got me thinking... rewriting and all that...

...and then Dame Barb herself blew into my ear:

"Dead Beat, my Darling, there are twenty four hours in a day. Tea and toast for breakfast only, skip the bacon. There's a first draft right there. And then at Elevenses, one biscuit not two. There's your first rewrite. And for lunch, some light poached salmon, or herring. Now here you need to take some time for digestion, so an early afternoon walk over the dales. You just lost one rewrite, but you gained inspiration for tomorrow's book. And so, wipe off your shoes and back to work. Afternoon tea and cucumber sandwiches. Wipe your lips, and ever so discreetly, your chin. Another rewrite before teatime, and darling you really must rest after that or the creative juices will dry up. Enid, God bless her, would stay at it, but she could only manage twenty short stories or so before supper. Hardly worth the energy. A good night's sleep, a light sherry does the trick. Arise early for the final draft."

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