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Friday, October 13, 2006

Dead Beat Congratulates Orhan Pamuk but Chides the Dampening of the Nobel Honour

Dead Beat has been sounding off about literary awards (see Pandering to the Parade) - he who is shameless about promoting his own few meagre accolades!

That being said he is delighted to see that Orhan Pamuk has been awarded this year's Nobel Prize for Literature. Dead Beat had the pleasure of sharing a reading with him a few years ago at the Dublin International Writers Festival and found him to be a very noble man indeed.

Shame however that the Prize has got so political - Dead Beat thinks it kind of dampens the 'honour'. The recent trend has been to select writers who have been in conflict with their governments.

Tough on the rest who are as important but are not so oppressed.

This is the problem with prizes and awards - they very often lose track of their supposed intent.

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