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Friday, October 06, 2006

Telling Young Poets What They Ought To Do - Dead Beat and Chuck Olson

So Dead Beat and Bob were chewing the fat (see Creeley and Dead Beat Crash)when Bob says, "why don't you pay Olson a visit next time next time you're feeling lonely."

"Are you trying to give me a hint, Bob?" I ask.

"Well it is my pad, man. I'd kind of like to get it back sometime, my space and all that."

"Oh you Creeley and your space."

Anyway Dead Beat can take a hint as good as anyone and wanders off to find Charles Olson. He knocks hard on his door.

"Who is it?" Olson asks.

"Hey Chuck, it's me, Dead Beat, can I come in?"

"Sure," Olson says throwing open wide the door. "Get a free chair and sit down. Don't worry about anything. Especially this. We're living beings and forming a society; we're creating a total, social future. Don't worry about it. The kitchen's reasonably orderly. I crawled out of bed as sick as I was and threw a rug out the window."

"Okay Chuck," Dead Beat replied looking for a chair. "And I'll have a little bit of whatever you're having yourself."

Well Dead Beat is always on the look out for writing advice and decided to pose Chuckie this one:

"Do you enjoy telling young poets what they ought to do?"

"Oh, Jesus, God, if I ever did, may the Lord of the whole of the seven saints of India and China Buddhaland, Gangestown, and all takers this side of where the Tartars went—may they forgive me because like I am happy to have some friends here in the kitchen. I mean, wow, I’ve been very lucky, very lucky. I’m sorry, but I was born with a towel on my head."

"I'll be right back," Dead Beat shouts after him as he flees the room.

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