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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Common Speech - A Pilgrimage to William Carlos Williams

Dead Beat took Hudson's advice and sought out the company of Denise Levertov. She mentioned how she had spent some time with William Carlos Williams.

"So how were your meeings with the Doc?' Dead Beat asked

"Williams's influence on me was great because certainly, coming from England, as I did, the manner in which he incorporated the rhythms and diction of common speech into his poetry gave me a shot in the arm and a way in which to deal with coming to live in America.

I suppose that my first visit to Williams was somewhat of a pilgrimage. I had been reading his work for a few years before I went to see him. I had even written him a letter and had a reply from him two or three years before my first visit. On my first trip I went out to Rutherford on the bus, with either Bob Creeley or Cid Corman, possibly even both."

Dead Beat nods his approval. He has a lot of time for the Doc, a lot of time for common speech.

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