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Saturday, October 07, 2006

A Million Little Faeces - A Dog's Shi**y Life

Hudson has been missing all weekend. I finally found him in the library at the writing desk.

"What's up Hud?"

"Uh, not much, writing my memoirs."

"Hud, you're only three months old. Memoirs suggest a life lived."

"What? Don't you just make it up? James Frey and A Million Little Pieces and all that."

"Don't bring him into the 'fray', har, har!"

"I mean it."

"Okay, Hud, the deal is, autobiography is based on the facts. memoir is based on your memory of events, your interpretation, it is more true than facts."

"I know that."


"I just want to tell you my working title..."

"Go ahead."

"A Million Little Faeces."


"Subtitled: One Dog's Shi**y Life."


"Don't interrupt me, I am just reaching the part where I became addicted to drugs."

1 comment:

middleist dead beat said...

Hudson should know that saying shi**y is a "bad" word . mommy always told me not to swear especially not on the internet or to "dead beat"