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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Dead Beat and Bob Dylan - They Stoned Us

"So what is this Dead Beat, knocking an old friend when they are up?"

So began Bob's podcast to Dead Beat (See Crossing the Line With Sweet Melinda.)

"Bob," I protest, "we have protested much together."

"Dead Beat we were stoned."

"We were politically aware."

"Dead Beat we were stoned."

"You stole other people's lines."

"Dead Beat, we never did lines. It was the Sixties."

"Bob, you accosted other people's lines and passed them off as lyrics, and then, remember, they wanted to nominate you for the nobel prize for literature."

"They did nominate me."

"They were stoned."


Billie said...

What did you expect from "just a song and dance man".

Dead Beat said...

Billie my old Segoise it is the how of the stoning that counts