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Friday, October 13, 2006

Dead Beat Gets the Hint

Dead Beat should have known.

The geese packed up and left his river, but oh no, still Old Dead Beat didn't get the hint.

Hockey season started up and Dead Beat's four little hocksters got back to practice (or in the case of Hockster the Younger - still only four years old - got started in practice. Hockster the Third gave up her slight figure skates and returned to her buff hockey ones (albeit with pink skate guards)), but still Dead Beat didn't get the hint.

Well guess what, Dead Beat woke up to drifting snow (since when Dead Beat is snow moving at 90kph considered 'drifiting'?), impassable roads, closed schools, and a snow shovel and finally, finally, Dead Beat got the hint.

Yes folks, it is winter here in Seven Sisters Falls.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Here the interminable
ends: here
all things begin:
the river's farewell in the ice,
the marriage of air and the snow.

Pablo Neruda, "Stones of Antartica," 1961