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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hudson and Apollinaire Go Wireless

Hudson’s muse, Del-ight, was reminding Hudson of his love for Apollinaire.

Hudson says he has fond memories of smoke filled evenings with Picasso, Apollinaire, Max Jacob, Satie, and Andre Derain in the cafes of Paris. “We were going to change the world,” Hudson claims, “and we did. Forget this reckless internet and those appalling blogs, we had the telephone, the wireless telegraph and the phonograph - the rapid succession of frames in silent movies. We were the future. We were the now.”

“Hudson, I keep telling you, you are only three months old.”

“Dead Beat you are passĂ©.”

1 comment:

Del-ight said...

Well, I found an interesting etymology for the word "doggerel":
1277 (as a surname, 1249), the root word probably from dog, applied to bad poetry perhaps with a suggestion of puppyish clumsiness, or being only fit for dogs.

Now that I know Hudson, I can say some words are just wrong.