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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Mamet and The American Tragedy - Killing the Girl

"Why the heck don't you buy yourself a snowblower D.B.?" Mamet asks (See Gratuitous Sex and Plastic Frogmen.)

"I'm a writer of fiction and poetry, Dave, not a film maker."

"Touché." As he heaves a load of snow over his shoulder. "Now where were we?"
"You were talking about The American Tragedy. Theodor Dreiser and all that."

"Oh yes, If you look at "An American Tragedy," which I've always considered the great American novel, the reason it's specifically an American tragedy is that the problem with the hero is that he sees love as basically a commercial endeavor. He wants to trade up. He finds this perfectly nice girl who wants to sleep with him and who loves him and whom he's very fond of and then he finds someone he likes better. And the only way he can get rid of the first girl is to kill her. That's the American tragedy."

"The girl gets killed?"

"We kill her Dead Beat. She just doesn't get killed. We kill her." He throws the shovel down in disgust. "You teach writing, Dead Beat. You know how it goes. We always kill the girl."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

As someone famous once said, "Mamet is the man."