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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Altitude of Charles Olson

Dead Beat was bumming tea off Creeley. Old Bobby was in no mood for platitudes. "Get down and see Olson (See Leave the Roots On.) He tells me you ran out on him."

"Jeez, Bob, he was talking like a planet on excess altitude."

"He's a poet."

"He's mad!"

"Dead Beat, he's our friend."

"You're right Bob. I'll go call on him, ask about the weather that sort of thing."

And so off I go down the Black Mountain where the altitude is less.

"So Chuck, what's the weather like?"

"Dead Beat, All that matters is that the thing be the thing of the thing - a cool thing which is like the river for the tiger of the river. To say it in language is like hard as hell. The greates poetry profile that was made this side or the other side of the Atlantic is called the Anacreontic Award and I hereby now make it and it's pre-amanquiantic and it's absolutely way down below Atlantis and it has got no end, no end because it is like the stock of heaven and creation, and it hasn't even been booed or had a crown yet, but it exists. And I know where it is playing - and I know where it is planted, and I know where it is, and we all do too, and we all know what we are talking about, because it is down on the plantation under the trunk of that large cypress tree in all that goo, way down there in that rain swamp."

"Back in a mo..."

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