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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Dead Beat and the Young Guns

Dead Beat was working with some Middle Year students today - the bright lights of the future from a range of neighbouring schools. He does this sort of thing. Old D.B. likes the young guns.

Frankly they scare him. When D.B. was their age he knew nothing. For Heavens sake, he still knows nothing. (Don't say it, Hudson! Don't even think it!)

Anyway, the old adage that the teacher learns as much as the student holds sway for Dead Beat. It is nowhere near as corny as it sounds.

It's back to the basics folks. Every writer worth his or her salt knows this. No matter how great a fiction writer you are, it's all about plot, character, setting theme. No matter how astonishing a poet you are, it is all about line, density, metaphor, rhythm, and rhyme.

Dead Beat sounded off. The Young Guns offered their opinions. We looked at samples of their work. And the literary world exploded once more.

Dead Beat loves his job. Let us just leave it at that.

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