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Friday, September 15, 2006

A Void Between Two Words

In between puffs Dead Beat manage to extract this from Daney (See Serge Daney):

"The cinema which interests us is haunted by writing. Writing implies spacing, a void between two words, two letters, a void which permits the tracing of meaning. Writing implies, not immediacy, but an eternal movement of "bustrophedon." So how does all this happen in film? There, too, there is spacing, but it isn't the invisible bond between frames; it's the off-space. Each shot secretes its off-space. There are off-spaces and different ways of playing on them. There are off-spaces directed by the eye (fetishistic framing) and off-spaces directed by the ear (fundamental voice, voice of the mother.) There is a way for the voice to block or give access to the image. Each important filmmaker resolves this problem."

A void which permits the tracing of meaning. Dead Beat is partial to this thought. It is not so much the words but the spacing between them. In particular this would apply to poetry.

And the last two sentences, as writers we are faced with this problem too. To block or to give access to the image.

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