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Monday, September 18, 2006

The Space Between All Things - Coffee and Cigarettes with Jim Jarmusch

Dead Beat liked what Jarmusch had to say, Japanese Ghost Stories, so he invited him over for coffee and cigarettes.

“Go ahead J.J. tell Old Dead Beat more.”

“Well,“ J.J. says, “I was reading A Void Between Two Words, and it got me thinking…”

“Out loud J.J. Think out loud.”

“Well, I think our lives are made of little moments that are not necessarily dramatic, and for some odd reason I'm attracted to those moments. I made "Night on Earth," which only takes place in taxi cabs, because I kept watching movies and where people, like, say, "Oh, I'll be right over," and you see them get out of the taxi, and I'm always thinking, "I wonder what that moment would be like." The moment that's not important to the plot. I made a whole movie about what could be taken out of movies.”

“ The interstices.”

“Yes. One of my favorite directors is Yasujiro Ozu. On his gravestone, which I visited in Japan, was a single Chinese character that means, roughly, "the space between all things." That's what I'm attracted to.”

Aren’t we all, folks but how few of us notice. Go watch some Jarmusch, think about the space, the interstices, and back you go to your drafts. Rewrite according to the void.

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