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Friday, September 29, 2006

Hoo Hahs - Robert Frost and Brushing Your Potatoes

Dead Beat heard some "hoo hahs" over a recently discovered 'lost' poem of Robert Frost. - it's that sort of world.

Fair dues to the researcher that tracked it down - but Dead Beat would argue that the method of their searching might be of more importance than the poem itself in a real literary world.

Listen to the man himself in conversation with Dead Beat over the staple food of the Irish:

"There are two types of realists: the one who offers a good deal of dirt with his potato to show that it is a real one, and the one who is satisfied with the potato brushed clean. I'm inclined to be the second kind. To me, the thing that art does for life is to clean it, to strip it to form"

For crying out loud, any half-decent Irish poet has always known this - wash your potatoes.

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