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Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Actual Gerry - Gus Van Sant

Dead Beat is a great fan of Gus Van Sant and often gets together with him to discuss writing and the state of the union. He was of course honoured when a few years back old Gussie made the movie Gerry.

Q: Throughout the movie the two guys use a lot of their own slang terms, like the word "gerry" itself. "We gerried off course" and whatnot.

A: Yeah, those are all things (Matt and Casey) made up or might use in their real lives, including "gerry." These words very naturally come out of Matt and Casey. They were using the word "gerry" before we even started. And they refer to each other as "Gerry," but they aren't named Gerry. They have names, but they never say their names because they're always calling each other the nickname.

(The film) used to be called "The Actual Gerry," as opposed to just "Gerry," because in the lingo of Casey and Matt there are things that are "actuals." Like "bear" is a term that they use, as in, "It was a bear to go on that hike." Then there's such a thing as an actual bear, and that would be "the actual bear." So this was called "The Actual Gerry," as sort of a joke. Then it just got shortened.

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