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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Dante and the Road to Possibility

So if we are to reveal the extraordinary from the ordinary ( See Making the Ordinary Extraordinary) and if it is rooted in character, how to achieve this? Well Dante said: “In any act, the primary intention of him who acts is to reveal his own image.”

So the character’s actions might provide the answer, Mr. D. B.

Yup, they can. However, what we think we are doing and what results can often be very different. Or what we are doing may not reflect who we really are.

So actions are not enough?

Quite right. We need something more than actions.

Like what?

Surely you mean, Like what Mr. D. B.?

Like what Mr. D. B.?

Good question. We assume we will understand ourselves through our actions, but they alone do not suffice. We need to contemplate our actions. We need to explore our thoughts and feelings.

But they can be faulty too?

Yes, they can. But it’s not a bad start and sets us on the road to possibility.

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