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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Great Writers With Lousy Opinions

In story (see Dante and the Road to Possibility) let us explore our characters actions and their reactions to them. The outer and inner world. By comparing this to other character’s reactions, we can gleam even a greater understanding. Pitted against more actions, more reactions, it all begins to add up.

The only snag with this is the supposition that the author of the work to write the actions and reactions, the outer and inner worlds, must ‘know’ what these realities are. In fact, therefore, is imposing his or her opinions of the world upon the reader. Which would make Dead Beat go “yuch!” with a capital “YUCH!”

As a reader I don’t care for a an author’s opinions. In fact Dead Beat has sat in too many coffee shops and bars with authors to know that often their opinions count for very little. Great writers don’t have opinions in their writing, they make discoveries.

They give their characters freedom. They do not say, “this is my understanding of the world and thus you will act and react in this fashion.” They say, “What if you responded this way instead and then….” They enter the unknown. They explore. They allow their characters to surprise them. They still may not get it ‘right’, but in time they get closer and closer. Exploration reveals the dead ends, the possibilities.

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