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Saturday, September 09, 2006

T. C. Boyle and Dead Beat Do Pills

Dead Beat has to jump ahead of himself.

His old room mate TC Boyle called in to repeat a portion of an interview he had with Kirkus Reviews, ask Dead Beat about these guys, they took a 64 page promotional extract of his 365 page novel and reviewed it as a 64 page book!!!!

I am still exclaiming marks - it’s a socialist thing.

KR: How long have you had your own web site?

TCB: It was started on August 4, 1999. We had 20,000 hits the first year. We get that every four days now.

KR: What do you think of blogs?

TCB: I was one of the original bloggers. I do a monthly, or semi-monthly, update for fans. Generally speaking, I think blogs are great but I’m more interested in reading real writers with real books. Blogs are often like diaries, it’s a private thing that’s become public.

KR: What’s the worst technological invention?

TCB: The penis and the vagina. It that technological? Because look how many of us there are? I’d like to go back to simpler times when you die at 19 of typhoid and live in the woods and eat nuts. The cell phone is pretty horrible, by the way. I pay for four of them but I’ve never actually touched or seen one and, in time of emergency, they are always out of batteries. Cell phones are amazing. People are just raving at them, they completely lose track of where they are, which is what makes them such great drivers. You see people on the road [in California] lurching and behaving badly. Yes, I’m sure they’re drunk and stoned on their diet pills but it’s the cell phone that’s distracting them.

So you got it, blogs, websites, private parts.

Dead Beat advises choose your own path.


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