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Friday, September 22, 2006

Focus - The reconvergence of Light

Dead Beat knows you writers understand that by now point of view in writing is the camera lens. Therefore we need to be able to operate the camera. So here is a basic lesson on focus.

Focus refers to the degree to which light rays coming from any particular part of an object pass through the lens and reconverge at the same point on a frame of the film negative, creating sharp outlines and distinct textures that match the original object. This optical property can create variations in depth of field.

Depth of field refers to the extent to which the space represented is in focus.
For a given lens aperture and level of lighting, the longer the focal distance (the distance between the lens and the object that is in focus) the greater the focal depth. For a given focal distance, the greater the level of lighting or the narrower the aperture, the greater the focal depth. For that reason, close-up shooting and shooting in low light conditions often results in images with very shallow depth of field.

An image with shallow depth of field has some elements in focus, but others are not.

Lesson over for today, tidy up your desks, don’t leave any gum under your chairs. Apply what you have learned to your writing.

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