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Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Camera as Point of View

Okay, so a few poems from the master of the Dream Song - John Berryman - see
Huffy Henry. Plus a couple of my favourites in the acting world, Miss Hepburn and Mr. Tracy (see Katherine Hepburn).

Huffy Henry was for your pleasure.

Hep and Tracy link back in to the connection between the writing process and cinema. See Serge Daney etc.

We have the film makers, the cinematographers, the actors, the critics - The critic, Daney in this case, writes at a highly intellectual level about film and its place in society - his deep thoughts, profound often, should warn us to the importance of our craft. If he were to write about our poems, stories etc, he should be able to do so on the same level. Think like Daney about your work - it is imperative.

Bring the eye of the camera with you everywhere you go - this is why directors and cinematography are so important. The eye of the camera is Point of View. The be all and end all.

But it all rests on the people, our characters. These are the ones who will communicate with the reader - even in poetry if it is narrative, the character(s) speak out.

More anon.

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