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Thursday, February 15, 2007

What Al Said

Dead Beat likes talking to Al. He gets Dead Beat thinking about the writing process, gets him to re-evaluate his thinking on it.

So what Al said when he was asking D.B. about his days in the Domestic Appliance Design business got Dead Beat to thinking about the difference in design strategies. Some products are designed to fail. They will last a few years then need replacing. They use cheaper parts (which is why they can fail) and sell for less consequently - but you sell more. Then some design companies design to last. Better parts, longer life. Costs more initially but not in the long run.

The other thing Dead Beat noticed was that those companies that designed to last were usually the more innovative, the more creative. The design to fail companies seemed to think that research and development facilities were places for taking apart competitors products with a screwdriver and copying them - faults and all.

So what Al said got Dead Beat thinking - When you write, write to last. Put away your screwdrivers. There is already enough writing out there designed to fail, copying their competitors faults and all.

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