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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Size Zero Models and The Face of Fashion Fiction

Speaking of Death, and Dead Beat sure has been speaking of death recently. Old D.B. wants to 'weigh' in on this "size zero" debate: you know the "it has been talked about for years how dangerously thin our models are getting, but we casually ignore it until we think it might harm our career prospects and so now we are truly and honestly concerned about the effect it might have on young women's attitudes to their bodies."

Dead Beat is a little concerned himself on size zero novels. To quote XXXXX: "XXXXX wants to give out a positive image that you don't have to be ultra skinny to read good. Many of the books on the bookshelves make young writers feel insecure about their own bodies of work."
Eat your vittles and write books with a little meat on their bones.

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