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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Christopher Ricks Finds and Reminds Dead Beat

So Ricks gets back to me.

"You're not telling it all, Dead Beat."

"What is it Chris?"

"You didn't tell them about the 'finding' and 'reminding'."

"Remind me."

"The first rhyme in Dylan's Emotionally Yours is find me/remind me."

"Oh, okay, Ricks. Golly gee, I did forget that one. Thanks again. See you next time, gotta rush, milk and cereal to buy..."

"No, no, Dead Beat, listen up. What is a rhyme after all but an act of finding and reminding?"

"Darn it, Ricks, you're on to something there."

"Course I am. I'm Christopher Ricks after all. Now go get your milk and cereal. Fruit Loops for me."

Dead Beat while munching on his Raisin Bran mulls this over - what is a rhyme after all but an act of finding and reminding.

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