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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

There's Not Many of Them Left Anymore - Dead Beat Mourns Frankie Laine

Dead Beat's Dad has been right on more than one occasion. Well he is right once again - "there is not many of them left anymore."
Frankie Laine took that Old Mule Train to the Sky.
He died today of heart failure in Mercy Hospital, San Diego. Some of you Dead Beaters will know him for the theme to the television show Rawhide. Some will know him for the theme to Mel Brook's 1974 movie Blazing Saddles, but anyone worth their salt will know him because of That's My Desire, Mule Train, Jezebel, I Believe and That Lucky Old Sun, from the late 1940s and 1950s.
Oh you know Dead Beat's old pal, Elvis was often claimed to be the first white guy to sound black, but Dead Beat is here to tell you, listen to That's My Desire and the argument is over.
Dead Beat adores Frankie Laine. Truth is, was well influenced by him.
Frankie, you ain't dead. You just teaching those angels a thing or two.

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