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Monday, February 05, 2007

A Million Penguins - Dead Beat's Retirement Fund

So Penguin have joined together with De Montfort University to initiate a new literary experiment - a collaborative wiki-novel - Based on the principles of Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, the novel, called A Million Penguins, is open to anyone to join in, write and edit. Participants are free change other writers' work at will.

Kind of like Dead Beat getting his hands on Pride and Prejudice and being given free reign.

An editor at Viking will blog about the collective work - and no doubt when finished it will be marketed and sold to the masses.

By God, Dead Beat is impressed. To think of all the time we waste creating and revising when someone else could be doing it for us.

So here's the deal - Dead Beat is going to publish the latest draft of his new novel and all you Wikipediaists can chop, sever, alter, annihilate at will.

D. B. wishes he had thought of this earlier. He could have stayed working in Engineering and all you Wiks could have written him a glut of successful novels for him to retire on.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

its soooooooo cute!!! i love it!!!