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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Frankie Laine, NLP, and the Science of Excellence

So why is Dead Beat giving the death of Frankie Laine so much coverage?

Well folks, here's the thing, Frankie Laine was exceptionally good at what he did. And Dead Beat thinks, believes, that if we want to improve as writers we need to know what it is people do to become exceptionally good at what they do. Got that?

That by the way is what this NLP thing Dead Beat sometimes talks about is all about. Dead Beat being a Practitioner of NLP and all that.

And no, it's no airy fairy nonsense since Dead Beat is a scientist at heart. He has no time for the anecdotally based Crystals and Auras and Angels (boy there goes the heart of his readership!). How could he? Writers are nuts and bolts people when it comes right down to it.

So Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) models excellence. It sets out to understand what it is happening in our mind to result in excellence in some behaviour. The behaviour of exceptional writing for instance. We all have the same words to work with. We can all study the craft of writing and learn about form. So what exactly is happening to allow one writer to be 'better' than another?

There are clearly strategies at work within the mind of the writer. Methods. Methods for using metaphor more effectively. In poetry for instance, strategies for using rhyme more effectively or rhythm. Most of this happens unconsciously. Some writers have developed better strategies than others. Well if we are not one of the blessed few, then wouldn't it be nice to understand these strategies, to be able to outline them, model them so that they could be learned by others?

Well God bless Richard Bandler and John Grindler who developed this whole NLP thing. They modelled excellence. They set the science in motion.

Just what is going on in Heaney's mind as he creates his poetry? Just what is going on in the mind of Richard Ford?

When Frankie Laine took the stage and delivered his songs just what was going on in his mind?

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