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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Dead Beat a Reality TV Star - The Great Elusive Novel

Dead Beat has been asked to star in his own Reality TV Show. Apparently the film crew would follow him around as he sat at his keyboard and typed, or scratched his chin, or pulled at his nostril.

The Title?

The Great Elusive Novel.

The Idea?

Dead Beat would take on a number of young writers all seeking to write The Great Elusive Novel. He would put them through the motions of wringing their hands, pulling at their hair, looking up thesaureses, enrolling in MFA Courses while all the time trying to write The Great Elusive Novel. He would introduce them to Brett Easton Ellis, literary agent - The Jackel - Andrew Wylie. He would bring them to The Frankfurt Book Fair. And then he would shout, "You Just Lost Your Advance."

Dead Beat was attracted to the fame of it all for a while, but then Wylie called up Dead Beat and told him he wouldn't touch him with a ten foot biro.

Dead Beat has one thing to say to you Wylie, "You Just Lost Your Advance."

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