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Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Recurrence of Termination

Dead Beat loves the word 'termination'.

Well of course he does, Terminated Beat.

But what of rhyme as termination? Now we are talking the language of old D.B.

"Shove over, Dead Beat, we are now talking the language of Ricks."

"Christy, put a sock in it. We are talking Arthur Hallum. Remember Ricks, he referred to rhyme "as the recurrence of termination."

"A fine paradox, for how can termination recur? Can this really be the end when there is a rhyme to come?"

"Shut up, Chrissy Babe. Listen to the man himself, Hallum: "Rhyme has been said to contain in itself a constant appeal to Memory and Hope." - get the capitals, Ricks?"

"I am on top of it, Dead Beat."

"He's still talking...." This is true of all verse, of all harmonized sound; but it is certainly made more palpable by the recurrence of termination."

"Okay, okay, truce...? Palpability?"

"You have it, Ricks. You are on the mark."

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