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Thursday, November 30, 2006

To Be Sure To Be Sure - Bertie Ahern Swallows A Brick

So Bertie (see Wise Guys and Bertie Ahern) when pressed on US torture flights through Ireland assures us that he asked The Pres about it: "I was sat closer to him than you are now and I looked at the great President Bush and said to him I wanted 'to be sure to be sure' and he assured me."

"The great...." Ugh phumph tropf...

Sorry that was Dead Beat choking on a communal glob of Irish embarrassment... which is better than swallowing a brick, I suppose.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Dead Beat:

My my. You surely have poor George W. Bush wrong. he does not torture but is, instead, a tortured, misunderstood soul.
All he was trying to do was create a democracy in Iraq by invading the country and killing its leader. What is hard to understand about that?
Well, true, twenty or so years ago Ronnnie Reagan was paying Saddam Hussein to get him to invade Iran, and now Georgie Bush invading Iraq to prevent him from invading other countries, but history should only trouble those willing to learn from it.
I think you should consider all that very carefully.
As for George Bush flying overhead, you most likely should wear a hat, in case anything should fall on you. Many Americans have not worn hats, and look what has fallen on them.

A Canadian by way of Brooklyn