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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Organic Form of Writing - Richard Ford and Dead Beat Mix It Up

Dead Beat is convinced of the necessity of form but has no beef with Richard Ford (See Writing on the Edge of Dangerous Things). Ford is simply saying that we do not begin by imposing form. A form will emerge organically to contain the story being written. Nevertheless as writers we cannot ignore the emerging form if we wish to control it and write that great story. When form is out of control it is extrememly difficult for anything to emerge except confusion. That is what I think Ford was talking about with the 'death of the short story' as well as the fact that experimenting too much with form can leave the form more 'interesting' than the story itself. Ultimately the form should be 'invisible' - the reader does not focus on it - all ears and eyes are on the story - oh yes feelings too.But Dead Beat really likes what he has to say about so many stories being written and published(!) and defended and promoted which are actually only semi-good.Watch out for this folks - do not settle for less.

The form as Ford tells us 'inspires invention and discovery. "Eternal passion revealed in that heart where, before, all seemed known and discovered."

And remember, Ford's own form is as conventional as they come.

As I said (See Writers Apply Within), Dick, back to the basics.

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