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Monday, November 27, 2006

Dead Beat Forms A Nation

So let's get this straight. The Canadian House of Commons has overwhelmingly passed a motion recognising the Quebecois as a nation within Canada.

Now let us understand what a 'nation' is:1) a human group bound together by ethnic ties i.e. ties of blood; 2)a territorial unit that exercises political independence.

Well the latter does not apply as they are a nation within Canada so it all boils down to having the right blood. And blood does boil.

But no that is not what our leaders are saying (because that might not be so politically astute). What we have is a 'civic nation'.

The Government when asked to explain if it included every resident of Quebec regardless of which boat their ancestors came over on? (i.e. why not Quebecers and not just Quebecois) answered, "No, it doesn't. It doesn't. Let's be clear on this." They were then asked to explain to anglo Montrealers why they are not Québécois, but they insisted they didn't say that.

How clear can you get?

Dead Beat is so glad he is Irish where we just engage in civil wars, terrorism and 'peace' processes.

Dead Beat is thinking of forming a nation of his own in Seven Sisters Falls.

No Irish or Quebecois Need Apply.

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