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Friday, November 03, 2006

Bee's Bums and The Facts of (Writing) Life

I guess you get it. Dead Beat sees this whole writing malarkey in a grand way. You cannot separate Elvis from Appolinaire or John Gardner from a smart chimp. Zeno's arrow is suspended in time and hence motion is impossible (go ahead search the archives). Most writers, in Dead Beat's not so humble opinion, don't get this. They think they are the bee's knees, the be all and end all. In fact they are the bee's end and all.

If you are after the honey, you have got to get out of the hive.

Buzzy Bee's, Dead Beat urges you to take your writing and immerse it in the world around you, the world you rarely see, the world you don't want to see.

Writing for writing's sake is deforestation, clear cutting. If your writing is worth the tree you chopped down, it should replant as it goes.

Listen to me.
I said, Listen to me.

Writing is but one cell in this strange body of life. It ain't life itself.

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