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Thursday, November 16, 2006

This In Spite of That - The Subordination of Literature Again

I want to return us to The Subordination of Literature - that's the problem with these blogs you see - we run from a subject to quickly - read it, got something from it or didn't, move on. All too fast - how are we going to learn anything? D. B. generally tries to drag it out - come at it from a number of different angles - but ultimately be approaching the same 'idea'. All the same he gets side-tracked too....

But listen to my buddy Gardner: "Life is all about, and this and this and this. Literature is about subordination. It's about this because of this. This although that. This in spite of that. And that's the difference."

The difference between life and literature. Now remember what Ford told us in The Imaginative Gesture of Literature: "You only give rise to the need for imaginative gestures like literature when the facts prove inadequate."

There's this and there's this and there's this. Facts, inadequacy.

So we imagine that it is about this because of this. Or we imagine that although we have this we also have that. Or that we have this in spite of that.

We create imaginary people in imaginary worlds to imagine beyond the facts to some greater truth.

Don't rush this. Let us take our time. Think on it a while. Then come back to it and think again.

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