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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Here's funny - Chaplin and Keaton and Lassie to Boot.

"Speaking of Lassie," Hudson says.

"Yes, boy."

"Ugly mutt."


"Only speaking the truth. Lassie was Charlie Chaplin, Old Hudders is Buster Keaton. Know what I am saying old man?"

"You're trying to say you are funny."

"No D.B. Here's funny. A car tries to pass over a railway line but gets stuck. Next frame we see the train approaching. We worry for the passengers of the car. The train draws near and we discover it is on a parallel set of lines. Phew! And then, just then, a train zooms down the other track and hits the car. Now that is funny."

"That's sick, Hudson."

"No Pops. that is funny."

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