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Thursday, November 09, 2006

I'm Just Not That Kind of Guy

"So Dead Beat can I leave yet?" (See Richard Ford and Dead Beat Mix It Up)

"What's the rush?"

"It's hunting season."

"Just wait a mo. Characters."

"Aren't we all?"

"No Richard, I'm thinking about how few characters you seem to work with, now don't get me wrong, Dead Beat approves, the fewer the better."

"You're right..."

"I am? Here that folks, Richard Ford said I am right."

"...that is how I seem to work - but it's not something I'm doing in any kind of self aware way. It may be that I feel most comfortable with those reduced character loads because then I can concentrate in the way that I'm most inclined, on the interior lives versus the surface lives of people."

"That's where it's at."

"Don't interrupt, D.B....When people like Tom Wolfe come along and say that nobody's writing about big social themes and nobody's Balzac anymore, nobody's writing big sprawling novels of societal concerns, ebbs and flows, I always think to myself, Gee, that would be really boring to write, wouldn't it? There's somebody out in the world that thinks it would be great, but I'm just not that kind of guy.

What two people do in a room together seems to me to be the beginning of everything - everything familial, everything societal, everything political. Not that I'm trying to radiate out what I do with two people in a room together to the level of larger macropolitical significance, but I do think that's where things start."

"Okay Bud, off to your hunting thing."

"See you Dead Beat."

"Tally Ho!"

Now were you listening?

Put two people in a room together and see what they do...the interior lives versus the surface lives.

Dead Beat swears by it, and Richard Ford told me I was right.

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