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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Write your next book in UNDER 28 DAYS!! And that's 100% GUARANTEED

Here's some information you have been waiting for:

"Special offer, with 100% satisfaction guarantee: As seen at MENSA, and as purchased by content writers at AT&T, Intel, IBM, the US Army, the Discovery Channel, British Telecom and dozens of other companies. Price reduced, and bonus parcel included, on orders BEFORE midnight, Friday, May 18th 2007.

"You can write your next book or script in UNDER 28 DAYS, working 1 hour a day max.And that's 100% GUARANTEED!"

How would you feel if in exactly 28 days time, you were holding the finished version of your own book? A new course from best-selling author Nick Daws shows you how to do it in UNDER 28 days, working less than 1 HOUR a day.Do you want to...

Write FICTION books, non-fiction books, and screenplays in just hours?
Become the "FAMOUS" author everyone wants to know?
Rocket your job prospects by becoming the GURU for your industry?
... if so, keep reading. In fact, if you're serious about writing that manuscript FAST, you'd better not take your eyes off this page! But before we begin telling you more, let's meet Nick Daws...
INTRODUCING THE MASTER WRITERLiving in his luxurious English home, Nick Daws has been a full-time writer for over 12 years. He enjoys a life of holidaying with his beautiful wife, playing his part as a regional celebrity, and occasionally putting finger to keyboard to write another book.
Those that write books stand out from the crowd. Those that write best-selling books become famous. In the past three years alone, Nick Daws has written over 30 best-sellers and continues to write at a ground-breaking pace!
It isn't magic, says Nick. It's all down to a few well-guarded secrets, including:
The FREEWRITING technique and why THEY don't want you to know about it!
How to only ever write in FIVE MINUTE segments, so you never lose interest!
Where to buy a guaranteed best-selling plot for just 50 CENTS!
The three keywords that simply BLAST your story to life!
The absolute quickest methods of research (nothing to do with the Internet!)
How to use POWER EDITING to edit your entire book in under one hour
... and MUCH MORE, in his exciting new writing course!
In fact, why not listen to Nick introduce the course? Click Play:
(testimonials page)
as seen on...

From: the desk of Dan Strauss1st May 2007 09:35 a.mHave you ever imagined walking into Barnes & Noble and seeing a shelf full of your own books? Of course, earlier that day the store had two shelves full, but you're a fast-selling author.
You watch as people wander in and eagerly pick up a copy. They read the introduction. They giggle at your wit. They point out a good point to a nearby friend. Soon, readers throughout the country take your book to the counter and purchase. They're smiling. So is your bank manager.

Feel satisfied as a published author?

Perhaps you're doing it for fame, or the money. It could be you just want to become an industry guru and boost your career. Or it's possible you simply want to become the talking point of a party by introducing yourself as a writer. You know, that person whose job everybody else wants.

There's just one problem with getting a book or screenplay published. You actually have to write it first. And the number one reason for not writing is that you simply don't have time, right?

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dan Strauss, I'm the course director behind Intelligent Courses. Our company brings industry professionals together to produce trail-blazing “elite information” courses. And we've just finished work on our flagship course, one that GUARANTEES to take you from idea through to final manuscript in under 28 days.

To be honest, the first time you do it, you'll probably manage it within 14 days, and the second time in around a week. However, a course claiming to show you how to write a book in 7 days flat would be disregarded by most as being crazy. IT ISN'T.

Impossible? Charles Dickens wrote his literary classic A Christmas Carol in just 2 weeks. Samuel Johnson wrote Rasselas: Prince of Abyssinia in an amazing 4 days. Barbara Cartland took only 5 days to write each of her books, resulting in an amazing 623 best-sellers during her lifetime. The hit self-help book Don't Sweat the Small Stuff is still selling in its millions - and was written by Dr Richard Carlson during a 12-hour transatlantic flight.

Even the world's best-selling novelist, Agatha Christie, claimed to have written all her manuscripts in under a month. In a BBC interview, she said: "I find no reason why one month isn't adequate time to write a book".

How? Let me be quite blunt: there are WRITING SECRETS no-one has yet told you about.
I'm being perfectly serious. And Nick Daws wants to unveil them ALL for you, showing you step-by-step how to create your manuscript in RECORD TIME... all in his new four-week course.
Best of all, it doesn't matter whether you're writing fiction, non-fiction, screenplays, movie scripts, whatever – the SAME RULES APPLY. You'll be shocked at how quickly you can suddenly turn out page after page.
The course is called "Write ANY Book in 28 Days... Or Less!" ...... and here are just a few of the things you'll discover...
The SECRET METHOD you can use to take your concept through to final manuscript --- in under a month, writing less than an HOUR each day.
The secrets behind FREEWRITING. This is VERY important, as you'll find out. You'll learn why NO-ONE talks about it and just how it can blow you away!
How to only EVER write in FIVE MINUTE segments, so you'll never get bored.
Exactly where to purchase a best selling plot for just FIFTY CENTS!
How to instantly develop an in-depth and interesting character, using “mega quick character creation”.
The four speediest methods of research (nothing to do with the Internet!)
The wonder of POWER EDITING and how it'll enable you to edit your entire book --- in under an hour!
Ten modern killer title templates that will rocket your book sales!
The TOP TEN reasons people say they can't write a book – and exactly how to overcome them!
Where to find out PRECISELY what your industry wants from a non-fiction book --- without even asking.
But what if you're not a writer already? Perhaps you don't think you could produce a book in such a short space of time? Maybe you don't even know what sort of book you want to write, or how to organize it? Are you worried about who you should contact after you've written your manuscript?
Newsflash: It doesn't matter WHO you are or the experience you have.
If you use this course, within ONE MONTH you'll be holding your final manuscript – and know just what to do next. 100% guaranteed.
Sound too good to be true? I agree. In fact, when I was first asked to manage this particular course, I was skeptical. Then I witnessed it in action and the results are truly astounding.
However, one person that doesn't give in easily to wild claims is Karl Moore (, the CEO of the company that helped produce the course, White Cliff ( He openly admits one of his core passions is writing, but running an international technology group, finds little time to fulfill this desire.
Karl decided to pay particular attention to this course during its production. And within just two months had written two full non-fiction books in his spare time, currently being distributed throughout the world by publishing giant Springer-Verlag. Earlier this year, both his books entered second print and were translated into six languages.
But there are plenty of other big names raving about the course. Our testimonials page contains dozens of unsolicited praise from established authors and new writers alike. And our corporate customer list includes AT&T, the US Army, IBM, FedEx, British Telecom, UPS, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Network Solutions, Sun, Deloitte & Touche, Dow Jones, Merrill Lynch, the Discovery Channel, Time Warner, Nationwide Insurance, Intel, Xerox, and even Microsoft!
Yes, this course is POPULAR... because it's so GROUND BREAKING.
"With your help, I've just finished my second fiction adventure novel!"- Patrick O'Brien,
* * *
"Great course! Everything I thought it would be and more. I've already completed the [secret] on my book. It's going to be a great book. Thanks!"- Bill Wisch, NJ,
* * *
"I was very hesitant to order but pleasantly surprised that the book exceeded my expectations!Your book is a true inspiration. The one piece of advice about research was worth the price of the course and will save me dozens if not hundreds of hours. Your [course secret] method will also save me valuable time. Thank you for mapping it out for me!"- Robin Sampson,
* * *"Now - thanks to your course - my book is finished. It took my just 16 days. I've done a second review and now my editor has the final draft. Thank you SO much for all of your help! The course gets a big two thumbs up from me - and if big toes count, then you get four! I've already started on my next book!!"- Velicia MacKay,
* * *
"Great course. I used it to publish my first novel, Satan's Church. You can find the official Web site online at The first print run sold out in just four months and it's about to go into second print in paperback. Thank you, Nick Daws!"
- Cam Lavac, Sydney, Australia
* * *
"My wife and I have two best-selling Christian books in the United States. She just finished our 8th. I'm finishing our 9th. And our 10th book together is at a publisher awaiting publication. Your material has truly "upgraded" our ability to write, especially quickly, which is a major factor to writing success."- Eddie Smith,
>> Click here to read more unsolicited testimonials
Right now, you're missing out. You're trying to write, but you're doing it WRONG. You NEED this information. The good news is that you can try it out NOW, completely RISK-FREE...
... Nick Daws PROMISES that when you follow his techniques, you'll EASILY write your next manuscript in UNDER 28 DAYS... AND grab yourself a publishing contract within THREE MONTHS!
That's his PERSONAL GUARANTEE! If you don't, or you simply aren't THRILLED with the course for ANY reason, simply return it for an INSTANT REFUND, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
Plus, we're slashing our USUAL course price from $299.95 down to JUST $49.95 (around £25.95 or 37.95 Euros) - for all customers that order before MIDNIGHT, Friday, May 18th 2007.
And as a special THANK YOU for your custom, we're also sending all NEW customers a FREE BONUS PARCEL, including:
An address book of the hottest US and UK publishers and the people you need to contact!
A directory showing the secret Web sites movie producers visit to find new manuscripts, and how you can submit yours!
Listings of the best-paying short story publishers in the US and UK!
Inspiration guides: ready to use book titles, plot sheets, and idea keywords!
Full copies of in-demand Microsoft Word screenplay templates in US and UK formats!
... PLUS we're offering 100% FREE international shipping & handling TODAY ONLY!
Ready to write? Ready to be let in on the secret? (and there IS a secret!)
Click HERE to buy this course for just $49.95!
Approximately £25.95 or 37.95 Euros.
The course runs is provided on Windows CD. Price includes free international shipping. Internet access required to "activate" the CD course. For the AUDIO CD version of the course, please click here.
"Being the author of several commissioned and produced plays, and 17 books of fiction and non-fiction for adults and children (check me out on Amazon), I wondered about your 28 day promise. But as soon as I started your course, I was gripped!"I'm going to make maximum use out of this, and have already become quite an ambassador for the course!"- Shahrukh Husain, London, UK - click here to read more unsolicited testimonials
Still not convinced? Want to know more about what Nick Daws has managed to distil into one easy-to-read course? Want to STEAL the fruit of his 20+ years experience in the industry?
Here are just a few more secrets Nick Daws will EXCLUSIVELY share with you:
Learn how Nick created two internationally best-selling guides to living in Italy and Spain, without ever having visited the countries – and how you use his techniques to make $$$'s!
The truth behind “technologies” and how spending a few minutes developing your own can quadruple book sales!
An ingenious method of injecting instant scene setting into your books, using just two extra words. This one is REALLY clever!
The Four C's and Hero's Journey writing models that'll ensure you develop a sound plot every time!
The precise techniques our managing director used to write two non-fiction books in two months, whilst running an international technology group!
Why characters are KEY to any book – fiction and non-fiction!
How to take one “overused” book concept and turn it into a BEST-SELLING TITLE!
FOUR SIMPLE STEPS to outlining and blueprinting your book, the very easy way!
Why all books need P.A.C.E. and how this fresh technique will turn your book into a true page turner!
What to do once you've written your manuscript, plus who you'll need to contact.
How to gain record sales the intelligent way, with completely FREE PUBLICITY! ... and many more well-kept secrets that'll enable you to begin writing amazing books, articles, stories, screenplays, memoirs, and more - in just minutes! It's your key to a superior lifestyle, "celebrity" status and industry kudos. And if you don't buy it, a competitor will.
Want to hear what other people think? Click HERE to read our unsolicited testimonials.Surprise yourself with the BIG NAMES we have backing our course. Contact the people DIRECT!Can you afford NOT to at least glance over this? Check out our 100% risk-free guarantee:
90-day 100% money-back GUARANTEE!Don't even consider whether you should or shouldn't believe these techniques. Try them out for yourself, free of charge, for a whole 90 days!
Nick promises you'll write your manuscript WITHIN 28 DAYS, plus bag yourself a publishing contract within THREE MONTHS.
If you don't, or you aren't 100% satisfied for ANY reason, we'll give you an INSTANT REFUND, minus original shipping & handling.
Here's how to move on from here:
1. Buy "How to Write ANY Book in 28 Days... Or Less!" for just $49.95 Discount offer extended until midnight Friday, May 18th 2007
2. The course will be shipped to you tomorrow and should arrive shortly. When it appears, we guarantee you'll be knocked over by the secrets inside. Read them with care, and don't share them too easily. You'll also get the seven extra bonuses, listed below.
3. Within 28 days, sit back and smile as you send off your polished manuscript, maybe to the people in the bonus publisher directory we'll send you. We're so SURE of the course that if you don't receive a publishing contract within 90 days, we'll give you ALL your money back.
One final time, here's EXACTLY what you'll get when you purchase TODAY:
Nick's full, ALL-REVEALING and exclusive four-module course: --- "How to Write ANY Book in 28 Days... Or Less!" (worth $299.95)
Bonus #1: Address book of the hottest US and UK publishers and the people you need to contact! (worth $39.95)
Bonus #2: Listings of the best-paying short story publishers in the US and UK! (worth $19.95)
Bonus #3: Microsoft Word templates for US and UK writers, suitable for novels, short stories, screenplays, films, television dramas and radio dramas (worth $199.95)
Bonus #4: The Muse Sheet, with dozens of inspirational, ready-to-use book titles (worth $39.95)
Bonus #5: A directory showing the secret Web sites movie producers visit to find new manuscripts, and how you can submit yours! (worth $39.95)
Bonus #6: Your FREE copy of WriteSparks! Lite, the inspiration generating software package!
Bonus #7: Your own copy of Cinergy Script Editor, a fully-featured script editor!
That's almost $640 worth of solid, no-hype information for just 299.95 $49.95 (approx £25.95 or 37.95 Euros)-- including FREE international shipping.
I challenge you to find a best selling author anywhere willing to give even 10 minutes of advice for that price.
Beat the system. Have your next book or script ready this time next month. Click here to ORDER NOW, under our 100% satisfaction guarantee!
Well, that's the last you're going to hear from me. It's up to you which path you decide to take. Knowing what I personally know, I would give this a go RIGHT AWAY -- even if you intend to return it under the guarantee. There are secrets here you need to know.
Can you risk not finding them out?And then how would you feel about all your lost time, when you did?
I would like to personally wish you all the best in your writing ventures.Sincerely, Dan Strauss, Course DirectorIntelligentCourses.comP.S. Remember that this offer is COMPLETELY risk-free -- if you don't get yourself a publishing contract within a few weeks, or you're simply not 100% satisfied, you get ALL your money back! No questions asked! Click HERE to get your copy now, with free int'l shipping.
P.P.S. Just think about what writing a book could mean for you. True recognition in your industry? "Celebrity" status? Or maybe you just want the money? Can you imagine being able to write 12 best-sellers a year, working just 1 hour a day? In fact, write just ONE best-seller and you'll never have to drive through the morning rush hour traffic again. Click HERE to buy now.P.P.P.S. We actually withdrew this course from sale earlier this year (previously, it was only for sale as a correspondence course in the UK) as we planned to turn it into the heart of our business and open exclusive writing schools in both London and New York. Our intention was to teach its core principles to only those that can afford it. We've revamped this course and brought it back due to demand, but may withdraw it at any time. Click HERE to order via our SECURE SSL server.
Don't miss your one chance to learn the secret.$49.95. Click here to ORDER NOW!

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