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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Gap between Intuition and Expression


"As I say..."

"Hmmh, what, sorry, must have dozed off. Yes Cary, as you were saying, I'm all ears."

"...Croce's system is probably the most harmonious, the most beautiful of any in its graceful and economical forms. But it is art. And to obtain those harmonies Croce has ignored certain matters of experience, and most notable, the gap between intuition and expression. Every professional artist knows this gap. It is for him a fundamental problem. Tolstoy tells us in his diary how he sat for a long time trying to express his feeling... like Tolstoy we look for words to express our feelings, our reaction, and don't find them at once... the passage from intuition to reflection, from knowledge of the real to expression of that knowledge is always precarious and difficult. It is, in short, a kind of translation, not from one language into another, but from one state of existence into another, from the receptive into the creative, from the purely sensuous impression into the purely reflective and critical act."

Cary looks me straight in the eye. "So what do you think Whippersnapper?"


"Speak up!"

"I'm struggling to put my feelings into words."

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