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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Joy Division

So Anton Corbijon, video director, made his directorial debut at Cannes with Control the story of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis, who committed suicide at 23. Joy Division was among the early post-punk bands he photographed in a 1970s Britain. A British unknown, Sam Riley, who had abandoned an acting career to take an unsuccessful shot at fame with his band 10,000 Things, is cast as Curtis.

Joy Division, as Dead Beaters will know, was one of the most original bands out of late 1970s Britain, melding guitars and electronica with Curtis's baritone voice to create striking songs like Transmission and Love Will Tear Us Apart.
Control centres on Curtis, who is troubled with epilepsy, self-medicates with various drugs and is in the midst of a marriage breakup.

He killed himself on the eve of the band's first trip to the U.S. The story is based on a book by his widow Deborah Curtis, played in the film by Samantha Morton.

23. 23.

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