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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Dividing The Seamless Robe of the World

So I get back and Cary is still there.

"Where's the milk, Whippersnapper?"

"The milk? Oh yeah, the milk. Uhm, Hudson you see. Plus 28 degrees today and all that. Thirsty work."

"Well as I was saying...."

"Do you think I should get some more?" I am almost halfway out the door.

"SIT!" Cary barks.

I sit.

"Art and reality, Whippersnapper. Listen: Art claims to give us truth. According to Croce, in fact, the primary work of art, the expression, must be true, because it is indistinguishable from intuition. This is essential to Croce's aesthetic philosophy. He says that if we deny it his system becomes impossible, for at once we place a great gap between reality and our knowledge of it, an unbridgeable gap. To put it in his own words, we 'divide the seamless robe of the world'."


"Well say something for heaven's sake!"

"I'm thinking Cary. This is heavy stuff."

Cary shakes his head. "You just haven't lived enough of life. Go get the milk for crying out loud!"

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