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Friday, March 09, 2007

The Writer as an Analogy-Hungry Perceiving Machine

What with Baudrillard ceasing to exist and all, you thought I had forgotten about old Hofs, didn't you. Well no. Hofs exists even if he has to tell us himself in a self-referential way.

Anyway he looks up from his desk in Indiana and sees me sitting there.

"It is I," I say.

"I say it is," he replies smiling broadly.

"Directly or indirectly?"

Broader smile. "I would say they are just distant points on a continuum. The question is one of reference in general. The essence is simply that one thing refers to another whenever, to a conscious being, there is sufficiently compelling mapping between the roles the two things are perceived to play in some larger structures or systems. Caution is needed here, Dead Beat. By "conscious being" I mean an analogy-hungry perceiving machine that gets along in the world thanks to its perceptions."



"I am a writer."

"That, my dear conscious being is precisely why I am telling you these things."

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