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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Haunting of Dead Beat

I guess it is the serious nature of writing that haunts Dead Beat the most. Even while John O Brien was drinking himself to death he continued to write books about the inevitability of his own young death -

Whoever said this was going to be easy?

Death of course is at the core of all great writing - it is the metaphor which drives the narrative - hastens it to a conclusion as the unending flow of alcohol hastens the conclusion.

All writing dies a death when the very last period is hammered into position. For sure we can talk about the afterlife - the afterlife of Leaving Las Vegas for instance - but death comes before the afterlife, sometimes with the barrel of a gun.

The real mistake is in believing that the writer is giving birth to a creation.

The writer therefore as killer? The writer as undertaker?

The writer surrounded by ghosts.

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