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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Dead Beat Trips Out with Ken Kesey

So Kesey calls up Dead Beat:

"Keep your hands off Further," he warns.

"Kenny, it's a great plan."

"It's a disaster."

"You haven't even heard it yet."


"Okay, so I put up the cash necessary to bring Further back to life in exchange for one trip."

"LSD laced juice again?"

"Not that sort of trip K.K. No, Neal Cassady drives the bus to Seven Sisters Falls. I tell the relatives to forget about the snow, think California, Summer of Love, long hair, beads that sort of thing. They won't be able to resist it, I just know it. So off they go. They're off my hands and I can get on with reading Visions of Sin. It's a surefire thing."

"Dead Beat, Cassady's dead."

"You sure K.K.?"

"Sure as the hole in the ozone."

"It's still a good plan, Ken. We just need a new driver."

"It's a lousy plan."

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