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Monday, January 22, 2007

D.B. and Dead Beat Thrash It Out

It's one thing to have Horace berating you for "reforming" your writings, but it's altogether another thing when you start berating yourself. Conversation went a little like this.

"So Dead Beat, has Horace got a point? Too much time spent rewriting and not enough time "writing something of promise"?"

"Sit on it D.B. what would you know?"

"Well maybe you can overwrite something, know what I'm saying?"

"Not really."

"You know spend too much time going back over it - worrying it to death."

"You wish. The problem with you D.B. is that you don't rewrite enough. Making do with something that is just not quite there yet. Figuring out what the story really is and then how best to tell it - That's what rewriting is all about."

"I rewrite!"

"Too much time in the shed with Horace talking *****"

"Dead Beat, you're cruel."

"The truth hurts D. B. That's the long and the short of it."

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