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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Unbearable Lightness

Okay, got my Dadaist rant out of my system for a while(see
The Glockenspiel of Hell). Truth is Dead Beat sees a lot more logic in writing than my old Dadaist buddies ever did, but I like the seriousness with which they went about their work even when it was deliberately absurd. In fact ironically there was a great logic to their dismissal of logic.

I just think we sometimes take our act of writing too lightly which at its most extreme form results in people talking about writing as a ‘vocation’ or invoking the ‘Muse’. This may seem a contradiction, but that it is not. To call writing a vocation is superficial and to rely on the ’Muse’ downright foolish. Oh believe me, writing can be a spiritual act but let us not confuse that with the very down to earth process involved. Here’s a revelation: The Muse is a shoddy poet, and writers who are destined to their call frequently mistake first drafts as the final thing.

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