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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Organic Writing - It Tastes Better

I think it’s time to back off.

You’ve got the point have you not? Your writing reflects the larger society you live in, and as such puts a huge onus on you to take your craft as seriously as you can. Form and intent are organic. You cannot impose a particular form on a piece of writing. It must grow from the writing itself. Nevertheless, there is a definite logic to the form involved. You need to appreciate and understand the form you are working within to allow the writing reveal the truths it is seeking to reveal.

Now this of course is for literary work. Works of entertainment are something entirely different. Here plot is all, and nothing of real consequence is revealed. Or what is revealed is a ‘lie’. But in works of entertainment we suspend our beliefs and flitter away our hours in a different form of pleasure.

At least that’s the theory. Some works (or perhaps some authors) of entertainment take themselves a little too seriously and confuse their intentions which in turn can confuse the reader. But that’s another day’s work.

For now be glad that Dead Beat is going to chill out a little and not be so much on your case.

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