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Monday, August 14, 2006

The History of Reason - John Berger

Another package to be opened with care.

Allow me to invite in one of the great minds of writing, John Berger. Let us show him some respect, let us call him Mr. Berger. Turn off your mobile and listen to him as he quotes from "And Our Faces,, My Heart, Brief as Photos" -

"During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries most direct protests against social injustice were in prose. They were reasoned arguements written in the belief that, given time, people would come to see reason, and that, finally; history was on the side of reason. Today this is by no means clear. The outcome is by no means guaranteed.... The future cannot be trusted. The moment of truth is now. And more and more it will be poetry, rather than prose, that receives this truth. Prose is far more trusting than poetry; poetry speaks to the immediate wound."

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