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Friday, August 11, 2006

The Road to a Good Story

Okay, so we understand that a story is a road. And obviously therefore it can take us on a journey. But the most interesting roads are not the man made highways but the ones created by clouds passing over mountain tops. The water falls and finds its natural route downwards, always downwards across the Great Divide.

The road grows organically, carves out its path and seeks out other water. The road leads back to itself. The road has fallen from the sky. The land accepted it, and we since our existence have followed it. We would want to be damn stupid to think we as writers can do it any other way. Unfortunately we often do.

I think we fail to recognise that the road is fluid and must ascend back into the skies to reform. The road shapes the land and is shaped by the land. The sky is filled with it.

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