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Friday, February 01, 2008

Bertie - The Completion is not the End

So Dead Beat has been diligent in taking his class of Double Speak 101.

"So Patrick Bart. When you said what you said, did you say what you thought you might have said?"

"Good point Dead Beat. I just took it up wrong. If it sounded any way complicated yesterday, I was just trying to make it clear. I understood from my own advisers that Revenue couldn't resolve this issue until the tribunal was over. That's what I took up from my own advisers.
And when I said that in public last week, they contacted me and said I was wrong in that. They said that it's when Revenue come to complete it. I thought completion meant 'the end'. Sorry if there was any misunderstanding."

"No misunderstanding, there is no end to this. We have all got that clear."

1 comment:

Bakin Rapscallion said...

Why eat your words, when you can drink them.

Try the Ber-tea it will settle your vowels.