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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hammer Gonna Be The Death Of Me

"Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett, John Henry, Johnny Appleseed... I could go on and on.."

"Well, old D.B. far be it from me to tell you but you do."

"They're myths. Don't you get it. That's what us writers do, create myths. If you don't know a good myth when you see one, you may as well lay down your pen... Let me sing you a song:

One, two, three

Well, John Henry was a little baby

Sittin' on his daddy's knee

He pick up a hammer and a little piece of steel,

And cried, "Hammer's gonna be the death of me, Lord, Lord

Hammer's gonna be the death of me

"Now the captain he said to John Henry,

"I'm gonna bring that steam drill

'roundI'm gonna bring that steam drill out on these tracks

I'm gonna knock that steel on down, God, God

Gonna knock that steel on down"

John Henry told his captain,"Lord, man ain't nothin' but a man

Before I let that steam drill beat me down...."

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